5 Tips For a Sustainable Halloween

Posted by Katherine Gillard on

With Halloween right around the corner we're almost all set up for spooky season! Although this holiday is often known for plastic containers and plastic candy wrappers, we've rounded up some great ways to celebrate Halloween with the earth in mind: 

  1. Handing out candy? Try sweets with sustainable or recyclable packaging like Glee Gum and Yum Earth. Candies that come in paper or compostable packaging are best!
  2. Make your own costume. Skip the cheap plastic at the store and DIY your costume. Shopping secondhand and with recyclable craft supplies is a great way to build your costume. Plus it’s a great Halloween activity! 
  3. Buy local pumpkins! Reduce the carbon emissions of pumpkins that are shipped far distances and find an organic local pumpkin. You can also stock up on other spooky gourds for decorating (bonus points if you eat it later!).
  4. Avoid plastic decorations. If you’re buying new decor, focus on items you can keep long term and reuse over and over again. Mason jars with candles, fall leaves, and pumpkins are great options for sustainable decor!
  5. Skip the plastic trick or treating containers! Make your own using fabric from pillowcases and tote bags or invest in a quality fabric bag kids can use for years to come.

What are your favourite ways to keep this ghoulish holiday sustainable? Let us know on Instagram @JusuBar_

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