2018: A New Year

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Happy New Year? YOU GET TO CHOOSE!

Happy New Year...and lets just think about that for a minute!  Feeling happy is the most elevated state of being, yet we all know that it can be elusive and can be like catching air.  In reality, if we change or shift ourselves just slightly, we would see that happiness is a bi-product of not what is happening ‘to’ us, but rather what is happening ‘in’ us.

While operating a Healing Arts Centre for almost ten years on Salt Spring Island, I learned a lot about happiness and the pursuit of it…it’s true that the most healing happened within me!

With my clients I used a holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin. I used a combination of energy healing (Reiki), recommended diet and lifestyle changes and offered healthy natural skincare products made by Karen (our Jusu Body formulator).  My clients had amazing success using this approach.  Along the way I also learned so much about human behaviour and the misery we can create for ourselves.

 Quite simply I have learned this: despite our religions or upbringing or cultural beliefs, ultimately we all seek love and acceptance. We all carry and project energy and frequencies every day. Depending on our individual skill set and awareness, we experience this in different ways.  The truth is that it is very, very simple to achieve joy and peace in our lives:  WE CHOOSE! In every moment, we can choose how we want to experience our lives. 

We can choose to remain victims, and build intricate stories to justify this.  We can also choose to avoid, at all costs, taking personal responsibility for our choices and our lives. It can be far easier to blame all that is happening around us on life or on others; as if we are caught like puppets in this ‘thing’ called life.  Or… we can choose to ‘let go’, to make healthy, life-affirming responses and adopt an attitude that supports joy and peace. 

We can only take full responsibility for one person, and that is ourselves.  Our choices happen in every moment and the energy of them can change the course of our lives. Think good thoughts and your energy lifts. Think of a sad thought and watch your energy weigh you down.

This “Happy New Year”, I invite you to take charge of your thoughts and take personal responsibility for your decisions moment to moment.  This IS where the root of all happiness starts.  Simply put, your thoughts create your reality and the energy you project comes back to you in return. Put out anger and everyone around you will feel it; radiate love and joy and that will also be felt. Try this out for an hour, or a day or a week.  Catch your thoughts, train your mind to believe that you are in charge, and choose what you believe. Honour yourself, forgive yourself and let go of the past.  Be here – now!  Don't look ahead, and don't allow the anxiety to sneak in.

Observe what happens.  Choose to trust life and trust yourself to make the best decisions for you. See, feel and believe that all is possible for you.  Choose carefully who and what you spend your time with, choose to keep yourself in a place of happiness.  Do tasks with joy in your heart, (even tasks you don't usually enjoy) by simply changing your mind set. 

Use your senses to bring yourself into the present moment:  listen to music, look at beautiful art, be in nature, enjoy delicious food, inhale lovely aromas.  Our senses always bring us back.  Nature has very high vibrations and always re-sets us.  We come from the Earth and go back to it.  Walk in the trees, take your shoes off and walk on the earth, sit by the ocean.  Whenever possible, fill yourself up with love, and if you don't have love around you, reach out to a pet or a friend’s pet to open your heart.  Indulge yourself in loving and happy experiences and realize that you only live this life….as you….once.  Make it count. 

You choose!  Change that job if you hate it, move house if you dislike your home, lose the extra pounds if they are hindering your life experience.  Take charge, take action and empower yourself. Nothing is more intoxicating that being fully in charge of your thoughts, your life and your choices and stepping into it. 

Life is not what happens TO you, life is what happens in your mind and in your heart; and it can be filled with happiness every second.  Happiness does NOT have to be elusive, it can be who you are every second.

Happy, Happy New Year!!!!

Lisa Sliwowska 
Lead Educator for Jusu Body


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