How to Prepare for a Cleanse

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Preparing will help squeeze every benefit from your juice cleanse!

Starting a juice cleanse might sound daunting - but with the right juices and preparation it can be easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Here’s how we recommend preparing for your cleanse. 

Note that every person is different, and when it comes to your health we always recommend consulting your physician as part of your health journey. If you have any pre-existing conditions we highly recommend discussing your cleanse with your physician before you begin.

Once you’ve decided to try a juice cleanse here are a few steps we recommend following to get you prepared

1. Remove processed foods from your diet

Beginning a week or two prior to your cleanse, remove all processed foods. Remove all sugars, meat, coffee, and alcohol. Stick to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas instead. This will make it easier to transition into the cleansing process by beginning the process of detaching from your food cravings.

2. Find an accountability partner

Your first juice cleanse might be a big adjustment, you’ll have to ensure you drink each juice and stick to a daily schedule. Finding someone to also cleanse with, or just check-in with daily can help ensure you stick to your plan and follow through on your goal of completing the cleanse!

3. Adjust your schedule to include time for meditation and rest

You might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the change in your daily routine. Work breaks into your day where you can meditate or rest. We love using the Calm App to reflect on how our body is feeling and reacting. It’s a great way to take your cleanse to the next level - by cleansing your mind!

4. Set up your fridge for success

If you’re easily tempted by snack foods, now is the time to take them out of your fridge or finish them off before your cleanse. We also recommend having some back-up foods available just in case your body needs it during your cleanse. Having steamed vegetables and leafy greens, vegetable broth, and natural nut butter available can be very helpful if you feel your gut needs something more substantial during your cleanse.

Is there something else you do to prepare before you cleanse? Let us know on Instagram @jusubars! We’d love to share your experience with our community. 

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