Jusu Summer Mocktail Recipes

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When summer is in full-swing it almost feels essential to have a fruity drink in hand!

Although having an alcoholic drink is nice, sometimes you just want to have a spruced up juice and call it a day! Our juices are hydrating, refreshing, and perfect for the next time you need a special occasion drink (or just a casual drink at home!). 

We teamed up with cocktail experts Lavish Liquid and Bar Cart BC to design these Jusu Specialty Summer Mocktails. We hope you enjoy them! 

The Shake It Off 

Our Shake it Off juice is made with sweet clementines, grapefruit, and oranges. It’s a bright, zesty juice perfect for mixing.


30ml Shake it Off 

15ml citrus cordial 


Salted rim + orange wedge 

Shake the mix together, and top with garnish! Spice this one up by swapping out the orange wedge for a dehydrated orange slice. Yum!

The La Bamba 

Our La Bamba juice is made with cucumber, lemon, and mint. It’s already a great pre-made mocktail, but we have a few ideas to spice it up!


30ml La Bamba

15ml lime juice 

3 drops cardamom bitters 


Fresh lime 

Shake the mix together, and top with fresh lime. Cheers!

The Heart and Soul 

Heart and Soul is an earthy juice, made bright with apple, lemon, and ginger. Not only is this mocktail delicious, but it’s also a great source of Vitamin A!


30ml Heart and Soul 

15ml lime 

15ml honey 

4 drops grapefruit juice

15ml soda water


Dehydrated grapefruit

Add the mix ingredients to a cup and stir. Top off with soda water and dehydrated grapefruit! 


Let us know what you think of these mocktails! If you try them, share with us on social media by tagging @JusuBars! We’d love to see your creations.

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