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When the summer sun is beaming down, it becomes extra important to hydrate and protect our skin. As Fall slowly trickles in and the air becomes more crisp and cool, our skin responds to the changes in temperature and humidity. It's becomes more important than ever to adapt our skincare routines with the seasons to keep skin nourished and glowing no matter the weather.

Facial oil, Skincare routine, natural skincare, bedtime skincare, Back to school

JUSU Body Lotions and Face Creams are pure fresh food for the skin. We put a lot of nourishing ingredients into the bottle.


Our oils and butters are organic, unrefined, cold-pressed and full of rich fatty acids; including shea, mango and cocoa butters, along with cold-pressed tree and seed oils like Grapeseed, Camellia (Tea seed), Coconut and Borage.


Creams and lotions deliver needed moisture deep into the skin, protecting us from the elements. The water portion includes aloe vera juice, floral hydrosols (floral waters) and structured distilled water. We hold it together with a food-grade, naturally-sourced emulsifier blend and boost it with a shot of vitamin and mineral-rich juice extract. The delicious scents come from pure plant extracts and essential oils. Instead of creating an addictive need, we’re providing nourishment for the skin.

Facial oil, Skincare routine, natural skincare, bedtime skincare

How do creams work? A cream is known in the industry as an “oil-in-water”, or “water-in-oil” emulsion. They can vary in richness (oil content). This water and oil combination is recognized by the body, easily absorbed and works to protect parched skin. Something known as an emulsifier holds it together (kind of like the egg in a Caesar Salad dressing!) and this emulsifier also contributes to a moisture-rich barrier to protect during the day.  


Facial oil, Summer Skincare routine, natural skincare, bedtime skincare, Back to School

Did you know, you can also heal and rejuvenate your skin at night as you sleep? To do so requires a different product; while face creams are perfect for the day, a high-quality face oil is the true champion at night.

Why? Your body’s wisdom kicks in – your temperature goes up slightly causing your pores to open and excrete toxins through your sweat.

Applying thick night creams actually slows and interferes with your body’s natural detox systems, hindering this valuable and necessary nightly renewal process. Since oil and water don’t mix (there’s that salad dressing reference again!), a Night Oil is the perfect way to experience supple, nourished skin as you detoxify naturally overnight. Toxins leave with water through your pores and the oil is absorbed easily through the fat layer in your skin. When you wake up in the morning your face is dewy, vibrant and toned.


Facial oil, Skincare routine, natural skincare, bedtime skincare

Being judicious with what you put on your skin is a wise move. Sometimes we have the best intentions, but when you slather on those coconut or pineapple-fragranced, petroleum-based or synthetic, silicone-laden body creams and night creams, you are actually contributing to the aging of your skin and slapping your immune system with a negative hit.

To take it one step further, petroleum (carbomer, Vaseline, PEG’s, mineral oil) ingredients actually shut down your body’s natural oil-producing mechanisms, resulting in a nasty dry skin cycle. You know the one: cover yourself with lotion or cream, your body sucks it in, feels great, but the next day your skin is dryer than ever!

So get out there and enjoy the last of the long days. Choosing to use JUSU Body whole-food body lotions and night oils will heal dry patches and actually improve the moisture retention in your skin, so sleep well while your body rejuvenates with JUSU's plant-based and naturally nourishing moisturizers.

Written by JUSU Body master formulator,

Karen Van Dyck

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