The Night Oil Before Christmas

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Night Oil For One...Night Oil For All

Four beautiful, powerful, natural, organic juice-infused night oils are making their debut...just in time to make it on your holiday wish list!








Night Oils Demystified

Night oils are cold-pressed, organic oils that possess potent vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They nourish through the fat layer of the skin.

Night oils are superior to face cream in the evening because they allow your skin to fully detox.  Think about it, during the day you’re putting things into your body like food, water and  juice.  Your body is geared up to be nourished; your skin is hungry for nourishment during your waking hours too!  A serum and face cream are both perfect for the day because they feed the skin what it needs, they prevent moisture loss and they protect your skin from all the dirt and toxins that you come into contact with throughout the day...

In the evening when you are asleep, your body’s chief task is to detox and repair.  It’s a time to cleanse.  Most of the toxins that your body expels come out through your skin.  Your body’s temperature goes up, and your body starts to lightly sweat.  A night oil is perfect because it allows the natural process of the body to carry on unhindered.  A rich, truly natural night oil does not block the pores; instead it beautifully nourishes your complexion through the lipid (fat) layer of your skin while you sleep.  When you wake up in the morning, your skin is soft and glowing.  Using face cream for the day and night oil in the evening is a skincare-routine must as doing so supports what is naturally occuring in your body.

The Colours of Christmas...In Night Oils

RED (Green Tea Rose) - This Night Oil is packed full of gorgeous red oils such as raspberry, rosehip, pomegranate and sea buckthorn – all brimming with natural Vitamin A.  Rose damascena from Bulgaria makes this a powerful regenerative elixir. This night oil is most suited for sensitive and normal skin types.

GREEN (Coconut Lime) - This Night Oil features organic oils - Tamanu, Neem and Blue Tansy to name a few - that balance your skin’s natural oil balance and heal your skin for a healthy, clear complexion.  A perfect night oil for acne-prone/oily skin types.

AMBER (Neroli Primrose) - This Night Oil is rich and warm colour and brings a glow to dry or aging skin.  It contains carrot seed and exotic Neroli (named after an Italian princess). This luxurious evening princess is packed with moisture-rich GLA omega oils like Evening Primrose and Borage, along with exotic Moroccan Argan oil to regenerate and renew your skin while you sleep. Formulated specifically to promote maximum skin regeneration, this elegant night oil is ideal for mature and dry skin.

GOLD (Vanilla Jasmine) - The queen of flowers, Jasmine from India combines its aphrodisiac nature with vanilla-bean-infused coconut oil.  Oils like Marula and Rice Bran soften, renew and heal.  This exotic night oil is extremely high in Vitamin E.  Turmeric and carrot from our organic Jusu Bar Hawkeye juice pulp infusion bring a glow to your skin. And your dreams?  Well, that’s up to you! This one is ideal for normal and combination skin types.

Wishing you AND your skin a radiant holiday season full of love, joy and gratitude.

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