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We are so excited to get writing, creating, educating and communicating with all of you. Jusu Body, a subsidiary of Jusu Bar, offers an extensive line of clean, green products for our hair, face and body. Do you feel like you’ve seen that before? What makes us different you ask? Jusu Body ONLY uses the most natural ingredients possible resulting in high-quality, effective and healthy skin and hair care products. Every food-grade ingredient is carefully chosen for its health-supporting benefits. But perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves… let’s back up a bit.

I am Jusu Bar’s Nutritionist. I have always been passionate about food, fitness and health. I have recently started to work with the Jusu Body team. Until now, (full disclosure) I have had very little knowledge of body products: the dangers, the cost to this beautiful planet and the detriment to the health of my family, friends and myself. Many of the chemicals that I, and likely you, have been unknowingly spreading over our porous skin, scalp and hair, are absorbed directing into the bloodstream within 30 seconds! Crazy! Much faster than food. And even the products that claim they are 100% Natural! - but that’s a whole other blog. It has been through my work with Jusu Body that I have come to realize that no matter how clean I eat, or how many roll ups I do in pilates, these toxic chemicals in body products are dangerous and harmful to us and the environment.

We look forward to discussing the various angles of the skin and hair care business - ingredients, regulations, fun facts, do-it-yourself recipes, the real purpose of certain products, beauty tips and much more. We are eager to show you and the rest of the world that products can be healthy for your body AND the planet, affordable and even more effective than products containing the not so great ingredients. Yay!

So - as I mentioned earlier, OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITH FOOD! Our belief in a zero-impact lifestyle is demonstrated by recovering the pulp from our organic, cold-pressed juices at Jusu bar and using this nutrient gold mine in each and every Jusu Body product. We’ve created conscious, clean, beautiful body products that are rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals. This is nourishment that goes way beyond skin deep.

The Jusu Body team is comprised of a Green Cosmetic Formulator, Chartered Herbalist, Microbiology PhD, Biological Medicine Practitioner, Chemist and more. This team is the most positive, enthusiastic, educated group of authentic game changers I’ve ever worked with. I now share Jusu Body’s goal of spreading this important information, exposing what is going on in this industry and assisting people shift to truly healthy products in their daily routine. Stay tuned for informative blogs & interviews written by these experts and more.

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to transparency. We do this by inspiring good health through premium, natural products and respect for the environment while behaving in a socially responsible manner. Making the switch to truly clean products is one of the easiest ways for people to make a difference in their health and the planet. We invite you to take the Jusu Body Challenge and swap our your products for our holistic, organic pulp-infused products for 30 days. Nourish yourself. You deserve it!

Questions, concerns, queries or conundrums? We’d love to hear from you. Let’s start a dialogue.

Yours in humble gratitude,
Kathi Ells
Holistic Nutritionist and forever student of everything health,

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  • I’ve been using Neroli Primrose Face Cream for Dry Skin and the Neroli Primrose Rejuvenating Night Oil. What a terrific combination. My skin feels healthy and so well nourished. It is definitely worth trying these products out.

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