• Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you ever wondered what cold pressed juice is? Cold Pressing is a process that uses a tremendous amount of hydraulic pressure to extract juice, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods (nuts and seeds). It is a gentler and slower process compared to centrifugal juicing because it lacks a fast spinning blade. The blades used in centrifugal juicing introduce heat and oxygen into the juice, which can degrade the nutrients. Cold pressing extracts the most nutrients possible and therefore means more vitamins and a clean taste.

    Not all juices are created equal. Cold pressed juice is considered the most nutrient-rich type of juice. There is over a pound of produce that goes into each 355 mL Jusu juice, which gives you high quantities of micronutrients quickly. We take great pride in providing you with the highest quality juice possible. It is our goal to improve people’s lives with our quality juices, but don’t believe us, try it yourself and see how you feel.

    Our bottled juices are made in a facility where there is no gluten present so they are safe to consume if you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. 

    For our in-store menu, we have both gluten-free and gluten-containing products.

    Our gluten-free products are handled specifically with “gluten-free” equipment. We have systems and processes in place and do the best we can to ensure no, or minimal, cross-contact. We have separate panini presses, cutting boards & utensils for each, although they are side-by-side. We do not use flour in our facilities so there is no air-borne gluten. If you have a severe gluten allergy please make wise choices keeping our processes and practices in mind.

    All Jusu Bar juices are dairy-free and vegan.

    For our in-store menu, we do have a few items containing dairy, although we have plenty of dairy-free options.

    Our juices are put through HPP (High Pressure Processing) as a final step after manufacturing to extend their shelf life without the use of heat or preservatives. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an environmentally friendly, cold pasteurization technique that exposes food products to extremely high pressure transmitted by water, inactivating microorganisms that may be present to ensure food safety. 

    Yes! Jusu Bar juices are manufactured in a facility where no nuts are present.

    Yes, our juices should stay refrigerated to maintain freshness. 

    Once opened, we recommend consuming the juice within 4 days. 

    The plastic bottles we use at Jusu Bar are BPA free and made from the most recyclable kind of plastic available (PET). They are much lighter to ship compared to glass, which decreases their overall carbon footprint. As new packaging technology becomes available, we are on the constant lookout for more sustainable options that work with our manufacturing process.

    Jūsu translates from Japanese into ‘juice’. For more information about our story, check out our blog.

    Cleansing has many physical and mental benefits. One of the benefits is that it allows the digestive system to rest, while still providing your body with a high amount of micronutrients. Each day of the Jusu Bar cleanse provides you with the micronutrients of over 7 pounds of produce. This can act as a reset, whether you’re looking to detox, feel more energized, or start on a path to a more balanced lifestyle. 

    It is always suggested to consult your doctor before doing a cleanse. As a precautionary statement, avoid cleansing if any of the following pertain to you; pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive, pre-diabetic or diabetic, children under 18, using prescription drugs (cleansing can affect the efficacy of some medications), have certain active cancers, have liver disease, have hepatitis, have bipolar disorder and/or have allergies to any of the cleanse ingredients. Your doctor will be able to advise you more fully.

    Up to a week before your cleanse, it is a good idea to remove processed food from your diet. Stick to a plant-based, whole food diet, removing meat, dairy, refined sugars, alcohol, and coffee, if you can. This will help ease your way into your cleanse. It is also a good idea to consider your schedule. It is best to plan your cleanse during a time where you won’t have too many events, parties, or work or social commitments, as these can make it harder to stick to your cleansing routine. For more information, check out our blog post on How to Prepare for a Cleanse.

    During a cleanse, we recommend only consuming the juices and drinking water, if you can. However, it is important that you listen to your body and supplement your cleanse with clean foods or beverages, if needed. If you need to eat during your cleanse, we recommend consuming plant-based whole foods such as raw nuts or seeds, raw veggies, soup or broth, or whole grains such as oatmeal. We suggest avoiding alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, and refined sugar during your cleanse.

    Everybody is different and may experience a cleanse differently. Some may feel energized during a cleanse, while others may feel fatigued or irritable. Other side effects can include headaches or temporary constipation. It is important that you seek medical advice before starting a cleanse and listen to your body during a cleanse.  It is also a good idea to start small if you’ve never done a cleanse before. We recommend our 1-day cleanse for first timers.

    We are committed to offering products our customers want and are always open to feedback. Feel free to reach out to us at info@jusubar.com or chat with staff in your nearest JUSU Bar location.